Zysod Communications Limited is a leading IT-Telecommunications system integrator & solutions provider that provides technology based turnkey solutions to its clients.

At Zysod we design and implement solutions that resolve Mobile and Enterprise Network Problems plaguing Rural and Urban growth and Infrastructure development.

Zysod, founded in 2005, leverages its vast industry experience and broad portfolio to continually provide value to humanity by providing end-to-end connectivity for full network Solutions required to establish reliable global connectivity.

We provide seamless connectivity: We develop and implement Mobile Network Solutions to provide reliable connectivity services in underserved regions. These solutions address urban and rural region poor quality of Mobile Network Services through optimization of the Network.

We improve Network Coverage: Our range of Mobile and Data Network Optimization devices and techniques help telecom companies improve the coverage range and capacity of their Network Signal in Rural, Suburban and urban underserved regions. Customers in underserved areas can now get access to good quality Mobile and Data Network.

We are more than Network Optimization: We deploy full end to end Transmission Network Backbone Implementation which comprises of all aspects of telecom infrastructure directly involved in the establishment of communication link between any two points.

We are a long-term partner: We are a company with a proven track record of sustainable growth and we maintain profitable, long-term relationships with all our key stakeholders—including local community members, and advocacy groups. We are a company committed to developing shared success with our partners. We are grounded in the needs of today but are always innovative and planning for the needs of tomorrow.

We do things the ethical way at all times: We are a value-driven, professionally managed company that believes in quality service, timely delivery, innovation, customer intimacy, team spirit, reliability and integrity. These are our Core values and they are important to us; we wouldn’t conduct business without them. We always conduct due diligence in all our business operations and we educate and train our employees to operate in a safe and compliant manner. All our team members both off and on field are HSE compliant in their methods of operation.

All our deployments are ISO 14080, ISO 14064 and ISO 14065 complaint to ensure we quantify our greenhouse gas emissions at all times. We adhere to International framework and principles for methodologies on climate actions while also ISO 14001 and ISO 50001 complaint, to maintain good practice in environmental and energy management.


To become a leading telecommunications Network Solutions Service Provider for end-to-end seamless reliable connectivity. Our commitment to quality service provision is juxtaposed by a desire to grow into a leading Service provider, integrating symbiotic exchanges of value and feedback with our satisfied customers.


To provide end-to-end connectivity for full network Solutions required to establish reliable global connectivity. At Zysod, we are tasked with providing reliable communication on a local and global scale —one that allows availability at a constant pace. As customers are the core of any successful venture, and in line with our customer intimacy, core values, our solutions are designed to integrate customer feedback into our product iterations, all for ensuring optimal service is provided per time.

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